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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Im bored.really...

These past few weeks..ive been doing the same thing everyday...
wakeup.watchtv.eat.text.watchtv.eat.text.soundtrip.text. then sleep..when the morning comes i will be doing these same things again..

Tuesday is my favorite day..know why? because i can watch my favorite tv show..One tree hill..im absolutely addicted to the show. i love chad michael murray♥, i still dont get why sophia bush dumped this hottie. Its too bad that Lucas and Peyton end up together in the show, i like Lucas and Brooke better..

aww..they looked so good together, watcha think? :)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hi guys! finally im back! i missed you all, starting today im gonna post frequently like i used to :)

Yesterday, my cousin Kate asked me to answer her slambook, I remember the last time i answered an autograph i was 12 yrs old then so, i thought it will be fun to do it again. I gamely answered the slambook, then when i came into the "what is love?" question i suddenly stop and think, i just wrote the overused "love is blind" saying even though i didint beleive that line, because what can a 9 year old girl know about love, ryt?

But the truth is love is not blind, it sees but it never mind..does that make sense to you?
hehe..well i just wanna share to you my thoughts about love..

Love is about trust. Its about opening yourself up to a person, its about sharing. I truly beleive that old saying that you have to love yourself before you can really love someone else. Love is always being there for each other. Helping each other through your mistakes.Unconditional love..

and forgiveness.

If you want love to last, you have to practice forgiveness even in the most painful situations.
If you cant do that then dont even bother, hehe..based from experienced ;)
Because as we all know, Men are not perfect.

new layout! hehe..im just so happy right now, i cant stop smiling..maybe its because of looove :)

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello people! i missed you guys!...

its been 6 months since i last posted here, i had to stop blogging because super busy na sa school you can't even imagined how i tired i look in these past few weeks..

requirements, assignments, project..you name it!

anyway i'm glad i did it all aaand finals are finally over! yaay!

Graduation is fast approaching..oh gawd! i'm still not ready to leave the four walls of Colegio San Agustin, haha..(complete tlga!) in the next few months im gonna be a certified college gurl already, im kinda excited because i will be meeting lots of new people but at the same time im quite sad because me and my friends are going to different colleges and universities and were not gonna be able to hang out everyday like we used to..


..but i guess that's life, you have to get out of your comfort zone, take risks..speaking of colleges and universities, i still havent decided yet where to study, im choosing between UST or madocs, hmmm...im taking up the coures nursing in Manila doctors college and Pharmacy or Medtech in UST, oh well you just have to readmy blog frequently to know what school im going to, haha..

Next monday i have an interview in madocs, wish me luck guys..i hope i will be able to answer the dean's questions, even though im fluent in speaking in english (yabang oh!) hehe..im still nervous...im keeping my fingers crossed =P

btw, I promise to post frequently like before :)

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Im currently loving Moonstarr 88's version of "Panalangin" originally by the APO hiking society..
very nice song..lss coming up, im warning you ;)

Panalangin ko sa habang buhay

Makapiling ka

Makasama ka

Yan ang panalangin ko

At hindi papayag ang pusong ito

Mawala ka sa king piling

Mahal ko iyong dinggin

At wala ng iba pang mas mahalaga

Sa tamis na dulot ng pagibig natin dal'wa

At sana naman ay nakikinig ka

Kapag aking sabihing minamahal kita...

I loove that song <3

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hello guys! i missed you! im baack!..hehe anyway we already have a dialtone..obvious ba? hehe..yesterday lang ngkaron..when my mom told me that, i couldn't beleive it at first but when i checked it i almost jump because of happiness, i was grinning like crazy..=)

Lemme tell you how the past few weeks went..some were terrible like...

Intrams is finally over.
We lost in the interlevel cheer and yell contest,. (kakahiya seniors pa naman kmi..hehe!)
My good friend Mimay was confined in the hospital..again.
We lost in the intersection for cherring and aero-taebo (for boys..)
My grade in math is below 85..damn.

But some went great!...

SINTAS na! yehey!
We won overall champion in intrams..go seniores!
Mimay's already ok..thank God!
We won the most discipline award, haha..kht 3rd place lng.
I got a 93 in cve..woohoo!

Anyway..the report card giving was last sept 11, im not satisfied in my average..even though most of my classmates told me i got a high grade..it didnt fit my standards, hehe..theres so much time that i wasted, hehe..i promise to do better this quarter.

Last friday is the most fun day i ever had so far..why? because the whole day there were no classes puro games lng, why again?..opening kc ng SINTAS ..para ciang intrams but the difference is only the 8 sections in 4th year are involved. In other words, seniors lng ung ngpaparticipate..anyway, i played basketball..im not kidding, i really did, it was soo fun! my classmates and i didnt take it seriously were just enjoying the game that's why we didnt won, haha! its ok really..thats the first time in my life i played a mean game of basketball and i found that for a first timer im not bad :)

Well..those are pretty much everything that happened these past few weeks, i promise to post frequently like before ;)